Tuesday, August 13, 2013

heritage square

we're slowly making our way through everything fun that i wanted to do this summer.  i think that a trip to the mountains and the boulder farmers market are left and then we'll have done everything i wanted to do before fall comes and we're forced to close our windows at night.  one of the things that was on my list was taking avery to heritage square.  charlie and i have been to their music hall a few times for shows, which are always really funny but when i found out that they had a mini amusement park i wanted to take avery.  i had heard that it was geared towards younger kids and she had such a fun time when we were back in ocean city riding the rides there that i thought she'd really enjoy it.  since she's pretty short, she's usually in that category of too short to ride any rides. but they'll let kids who are below the height requirement ride with an adult so we figured that one of us would ride with her.  


we were really lucky because we had beautiful weather on sunday.  it was in the high 70s which meant really nice to be outside but not so hot that you're sweating the whole time.  basically my idea of perfect weather and charlie's motivation for wanting to move to southern california.  they have a little train there that goes around all the grounds and since avery's really into trains we figured we'd start with that.  she was actually being a little weird before we got on the ride and she kept saying that she didn't want to go but once we all got on she had a good time.  

waiting to get on the train. 


the best we could get of all three of us.

after the train ride we figured we'd do a few other rides but she wouldn't do anything but ride the carousel.  charlie was pretty disappointed.  i think he had high hopes of her being really into everything.


watching for daddy.


blowing him kisses.

so we grabbed some lunch and then used our tickets to play a round of mini golf.




the golf was actually really fun.  obviously, things can't be too serious when you have a toddler running around stealing all of your balls but she was happy to run through the whole course with us and even tried to hit a few balls.  i think we all had such a good time just hanging out and attempting to hit holes in one around avery.  



we had such a good time and i know i keep saying this but she's really at such a fun age right now.  i'm really enjoying all of this time that we get to spend with her and i love watching her figure things out and experience new things.  

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