Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a bit of randomness.

... i have really enjoyed these past few days.  ellie is still sick BUT doing much better and avery is now completely better.  it is amazing how much easier life is with healthy kids.  avery is really, really whiny when she's sick and it is really hard to be patient all the time when everything in her life is cause for an epic meltdown.  there were a few times when she was sick when charlie and i asked ourselves, is this our kid or is this our kid when she's sick because i really hope this is all just because she's sick.   luckily it looks like the latter because there were a few days when i was checking our beer status at 10 am.  anyway, i have really enjoyed time with her lately since she's been back to her sweet self.  she says thank you for everything:  thank you mommy for the shirt, thank you grandma for the blanket, she is so, sweet to ellie and has been exclusively calling her sister which i find funny, she's back to wanting books read to her all the time, and happily amusing herself for long periods at a time.  now i just hope that she stays well the rest of the winter. 

...  we took the side off of avery's crib this past weekend.  there was no real motivating factor behind it, she wasn't attempting to climb out and we didn't need the crib for ellie.  i took it off saturday morning and she was so excited and then when i had to put her down for her nap she got scared and asked me to put the side back on her crib.  i probably would have indulged her but charlie was out for a run and ellie was screaming and i couldn't deal with putting her down while trying to reassemble the crib so i talked avery into giving it a try for that one nap and she did great.  i finally put some sheets on it today (i just used her fitted crib sheet and a twin flat sheet folded in half) and we folded a twin quilt in half on top.  she's been doing great with it and if she's rolled out of bed in the middle of the night she's gotten back in without us noticing.  charlie put pillows on the floor when he put her to bed but i haven't bothered because i figure we have carpet and she'll be fine.  we were sort of hoping that she would wake up in the morning and start playing with her toys, instead of yelling for us, but now she gets up and bangs on the door until we come and let her out.  charlie's suggested that we leave her door open so that she can just walk into our room in the morning but we'll see.  clearly we're mostly concerned about the amount of sleep that we're getting more than anything else.   

...    we had amazing weather yesterday.  it was in the mid sixties, of course today it was 40 degrees colder and snowing, but yesterday was fabulous.  we went for a long walk and then to the playground.  funny story, we were headed towards one of the playgrounds that we walk by and that we sometimes stop at to play and there was a mom and three kids in front of us.  when avery realized that they were headed to the playground too she started screaming "NO BABY! THAT'S NOT YOUR PLAYGROUND, THAT'S MY PLAYGROUND.  NOOOOOO!!".  i tried to explain to her that it wasn't actually her playground but she then decided that she didn't want to go to that playground anymore.  clearly we have some work to do on the concept of sharing.  on the positive side i put ellie in the stroller without her carseat for the first time and not only was that so much easier for me but she slept the whole walk.  i'm really looking forward to warmer weather when we can get outside more often. 

...  i have given up on cloth diapers for avery.  the original ones that i had are all leaking and i cannot figure out why and i also cannot deal with changing her diaper and pants every half hour during the day.  and the 7 new diapers that i got for her in december are too small.   so i've given those 7 to ellie and i'm getting rid of the leaking ones.  i'll probably buy a few more for ellie in a month or so (maybe a dozen) but for now we are still using disposables for her that we had from when avery was a baby.  i actually would like to switch completely to cloth for ellie during the day but i want to use up the disposables we have before she outgrows them.  

...  i really, really like where the wild things are.    avery does too and we read it all the time these days.  she even has some of the pages memorized.  she's also into the bearenstein bears as of late and we read them all the time, too.  we have them scattered throughout the house in various rooms.  

...  avery's really been into sleeping with weird objects lately.  there's this old remote that she insists on sleeping with, taking with her in the car, and carrying around the house all the time.  it is not a good bedtime if we can't find the remote.  tonight she also insisted on sleeping with two toothbrushes.  and all of her stuffed animals have to be on the bed.  she also insists on hearing the wheels on the bus before we leave the room and get's very demanding about which verses we sing.  the engine, the daddy, the mommy are all ones that have to happen before we can leave.  she would drag that song on for hours if we let her.    

... charlie's been traveling a ton lately.  i think we'll hit four weeks in a row next week and that trip is 7 nights and includes the weekend.  i'm not looking forward to that one.  avery misses him so much when he's gone.  any time that she hears the dogs bark or a strange noise she gets so excited and says, "daddy's home!".  it's sort of sad.  last week when he came home she was so, so excited.  it was the middle of the day and he still had work to do but was doing it at the kitchen table and so she insisted on 'working' right next to him.  so cute. 

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