Tuesday, February 4, 2014

lately ...

so much time has passed and yet not much has changed.  winter is one of those hard seasons for me.  and we all got sick two weeks ago, which basically meant two weeks of being housebound.  not fun.  but i'm glad everyone is well and we escaped and survived without doctor visits, which i hate. 

...  i cannot get enough pictures of sleeping babies.  even when i take them and she immediately wakes up.  this child is not the easiest sleeper.  well, she's actually not bad as long as she's in direct contact with me.  who can blame her?  charlie (as always) is a fan of cry it out but man as hard as it is to have no time to myself i just can't do it.  at least when she's this little.  talk to me again in 6ish months and things may be different.  avery and i used to nap together all the time and i wish i had that same opportunity with ellie.  not only do i love naps but i think that they're some of the sweetest moments that i will forever cherish.

...  my birthday present this year was a stand mixer.  and while i didn't actually get it until after christmas i still hadn't used it.  i really like baking but i've found even cooking to be hard with two kids unless charlie's around to help right now.  anyway the other day we finally got it out and made some muffins.  avery loved the mixer and has been asking to use it every day since.  

...  last weekend we had some really nice warm weather (like high 50s) and so on saturday we all got out and took a long walk to the playground.  avery's really into playing games with henry these days where she'll say "cars coming henry" and then grab his tail.  she insisted on walking back from the playground and wanted to hold his tail the entire time.  this didn't last too long as henry's not the biggest fan of her.

...  i keep thinking that ellie is so much bigger than avery was.  she's wearing clothes that avery didn't wear until she was about 4-5 months.  i was so excited to find out that ellie was a girl since i thought it meant that we wouldn't have to buy any more clothes but it looks like we'll have to get a few things since ellie's already moved into the 3-6 month clothes.  when took ellie to the doctor she weighted and measured around the 25th percentile and actually wasn't much bigger than avery was at this age.  i guess i just didn't remember how big avery was or wasn't.  and avery?  is now in the 3rd percentile for height and weight.  so tiny that one.

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