Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ellie: three months.

wow, three months!  that always feels like we're almost out of newborn territory.  for me that milestone seems to be around four months but i've noticed that there have been a lot of changes this month, too. 

... the biggest thing is that you no longer scream your way through the evenings.  this has been huge.  i love to see those smiles all day long now and i no longer dread the 5 o'clock hour. 
...  you still are sleeping in the rock 'n play and our bed at night.  i have a feeling i'll attempt to move you to either your crib or the cosleeper for that first stretch at night in the next month or so.  i would love to get our bedroom back for that first nighttime hour so i can read books in bed.  
...  you're still spending a large amount of time in our bed after that first wake up.  whatever.  it seems to be where we all sleep best for right now.
...  you got sick for the first time.  your sister came down with an upper respiratory virus and you got it about a week and a half after she did.  considering she was coughing and sneezing all over you, despite my best attempts to keep you both separated, i'm not at all surprised that you got sick.  i took you to the doctor to make sure that you were okay.  you were really stuffy, miserable, coughing a ton, and had a low grade fever.  but he didn't seem concerned.  
...  you just took your first ride in the stroller without your carseat.  you seemed to like it a lot better and slept most of our walk.  
...  you have really bad cradle cap on your eyes. it looks terrible and i think is pretty itchy and painful for you.  you rub your eyes all the time and this makes things even worse.  i've been putting coconut oil on it to help but i'm hoping this goes away for you soon. 
...  you weigh about 11.5 pounds and are wearing almost all 3-6 month clothing.  you feel huge to me but you're around the 25% for weight.
...  you're still napping in the moby.  as much as i like having you close to me and i don't mind you napping there i think we'll need to start getting you to nap in your crib soonish.  i think you'd sleep a lot longer stretches if you weren't being woken up by avery's screams or my constant movement.  if you fall asleep in your carseat then you can sleep for hours and then wake up much happier then you do from a 45 minute nap in the moby.
...  you smile all the time.  anytime anyone looks at you they're rewarded with a big smile.  you and avery spent a good amount of time separated this month because at least one of you was sick most of the time but even though you're still sick i've started to let you guys hang out together more and you're definitely a fan of your big sister.  she loves you a lot, too and is always telling you that.  she'll try and comfort you when you cry, pat your head and squeeze your thighs saying "chunky, chunky".  she calls you elle belle all the time and is really into you having "tummy time" (something we are terrible about doing), and helping you roll over.  
...  you're beginning to laugh.  we're not really at the belly laugh point yet but we get a lot of little laughs.  i love to see you happy.  
...  you're eating about every 2-3 hours during the day and will go longer at night.  you've had several nights of 7 hour stretches but your norm is probably 5-6 hours for that first stretch.  you've also had several nights of just waking up once to eat, which was amazing.  but you normally wake up at least 2-3 times during the night to eat.  this isn't usually too bad since you're right next to me but i could get used to the once a night wake ups.  :)

happy three months, elle.  i love watching you grow up and learn new things.  i cannot wait to watch you explore your world as you get older.  and i'm really looking forward to all of the outside time that we'll get once the weather warms up this spring.  

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