Saturday, February 1, 2014

ellie: two months

happy 2 months, ellie!

... you smile all the time now.  you have the biggest, best smiles and sometimes i think they make up for those fussy moments you have.
...  you 'talk' all the time.  you're actually pretty chatty at times and it's fun to talk back and forth with you.
...  you're a champion sleeper at night.  you typically go down around 7:30ish (after big sister goes to sleep) and while it takes you a while to get to sleep you'll usually sleep for 5-7 hours that first stretch before waking up to eat and then be good until 6 or 7 in the morning.  you sleep that first stretch in your rock 'n play and then after you wake up you'll sleep the rest of the night in our bed.  if i put you back in your rock 'n play you'll wake a few more times than if i let you sleep in our bed.  obviously i'm a fan of cosleeping as it's gotten me a lot more sleep than moving you in your crib, but we'll be looking to making that transition in the next month or so.  
...  you nap almost exclusively in the moby wrap or in our arms.  honestly, you hate to be put down and seem to wake up the second i put you down, which means some days i rarely do.  i think that having a toddler in the house has made this more challenging as it's harder to devote the time to getting you to sleep (since i'm trying to take care of avery, too) and it's also a lot louder in the house making it harder for you to stay asleep.
...  you like your carseat well enough.  both walks in the stroller and rides in the car will usually put you to sleep and even if they don't you're happy enough as long as we're moving.
...  you had your first two trips to the aquarium and slept through them.  :)
...  you are pretty fussy in the evenings, although this is getting better.  i'd say that maybe weeks 5 and 6 were the worst, where at times it seemed as if you were screaming for hours and nothing would really make you happy.  but you're much less fussy now and if your dad's around then evenings can actually go pretty smoothly.  
...  you have this new move at night where after you're done eating you'll wiggle yourself until you're snuggled up against me and your head is in the crook of my arm.  and then you drift off to sleep.
... you hate pacifiers.  point taken. 
...  i'm not sure how big you are.  we haven't had your 2 month appointment yet.  you're in sized 3-6 month clothes and size 1-2 diapers and you've outgrown your newborn cloth diapers.  you seem so big to me compared to your sister but my guess is that you're probably somewhere in the 50th percentile for height and weight.  we'll find out soon.  

i love you little e.  even when you're crying and i can't figure out why.  most of the time you're pretty happy, you just prefer to be held by us all the time and i suppose that's not a crazy thing for a baby to want.  happy 2 months.  

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