Friday, February 21, 2014

lately ...

everyone's been sick so we've been in survival mode but let's catchup. 

... we celebrated valentine's day!  my favorite holiday.  the kids were pretty lucky and got lots of presents from their grandparents.  lots of clothes for ellie, which she really needed and a few toys for avery.  our present for avery was a lego set.  i went with the small ones because she has pretty good fine motor skills and they take up less space.  unfortunately, i picked a set that has really tiny pieces.  i think it's supposed to be a farm set with tractors, etc..  she does really like them though and plays with them every day.  i think i'll try and get her some 'plain' legos to go with this set in the future.  charlie's had a lot of fun building with them although he gets mad when avery destroys his creations. 

burt's bees makes clothes! i didn't know this.  and they are amazing.

...  ellie has been sick.  she definitely got what avery has/had (she's been sick for 14 days now!) and i took her to the doctor since i was worried about her.  he basically said that it was some virus and to be worried if she doesn't get better in 3 weeks since it could mean a sinus infection.  ugh.  we got the nose frida the other day.  i actually meant to get it before ellie was born but never got around to it and it's been amazing.  i hope she gets better soon because it's so sad to see her sick whimpering.  and also i want some sleep.  

...  we also got avery a toilet of her own.  side note:  i cannot stand the word potty.  i'm not sure why but i have always hated it.  anyway, she wants to sit on it all the time now.  i suppose this is good and i really am sick of changing diapers.  the assembly line of diapers gets pretty old with two kids.  BUT i am really not into potty training.  it just seems messy and boring.  my original plan was to wait until the summer and then attempt the 3 day method so that she could run around naked outside and we could spare our carpets but we'll see if she decides she's ready earlier.  

...  the weather has been pretty amazing the past few days.  we've tried to get out and enjoy it a bit although it's been hard with ellie being so sick.  all she really wants to do is sleep in the moby wrap and cry. anyway, we took avery to the playground on sunday and as soon as she got there she said "i want to go home" so we turned back around.  she then refused to ride in the stroller and wanted me to carry her (of course).  it was a pretty long walk so i let her ride on my shoulders and ever since then she's been asking to ride on my shoulders all.the.time.  especially when she doesn't feel like moving on her own.  

...  my in-laws sent us some flowers for valentine's day.  i love tulips and have been meaning to plant some bulbs somewhere in our yard.  maybe i'll do it this year and have some for next year. 

i miss spring.

...  charlie and i talk all the time about how long we want to stay in this house for.  there's a long list of things that we'd like to do if we end up staying here but most of them won't actually increase the value so we won't do them unless we end up staying.  the biggest thing that we've talked about is turning the master retreat into a fourth bedroom.  obviously this is one of the things that would boost the value of the home but i wouldn't invest the money unless we're going to stay.  charlie also really wants a third bathroom in the basement.  i do not, because i hate cleaning bathrooms and 2.5 is more than enough for me.  but we'll see.  we also would really like to change the deck in the back.  the back of our house is south facing and it get's so hot back there.  we have an awning that we use a lot in the summer months but it's a pain because we can't use it if it gets too windy.  so we've talked about building a permanent covering for the deck.  we've also talked about tearing the deck down.  i'm really not into the constant maintenance that decks require and i would much rather have a larger patio area.  obviously none of this stuff will be done in the near future, we've talked about getting a quote for the fourth bedroom just to see what ballpark it would be in.  our big project for this year will be painting the outside.  we want to change the color scheme of the house to something lighter with dark shutters and trim, but we'll have to see what the 'approved colors' are.  

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