Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Colorado Home #2

I just have not felt like blogging recently. But seeing as school starts in a few days I'm sure I'm back for good. Blogging is the best distraction/procrastination.

I mentioned that we moved and that things went well. In all honesty if we hadn't had such good (and strong) friends to help us move we would have been screwed. Moving day was a mess, as they usually are. I was up at 5 am that morning to take a test. I thought it was a two hour test but when I got there I found out it was 4.5 hours. Oops. The truck I rented wasn't nearly big enough and we had to take two trips, not such a big deal, but I definitely underestimated the amount of crap that we have. Luckily, the pizza and beer that I had bought as a bribe helped & made me feel slightly less bad.
This is our 2nd story balcony & Henry's butt. We had to lift our mattress from the ground up over this because we couldn't fit it through the front door. Did I mention it was a good thing we have strong friends?

One of the few things I finished is the photo gallery that I said I was planning on doing above our couch. Honestly, I'm just relieved to have something done.

photo gallery

up close
... and a close up.

Our kitchen is teeny-tiny. As in there is no room for food. I'm slowly trying to remedy that, but it's taking a while. We ordered a wine rack from C&B which should help free up some space (and be a good excuse to buy massive amounts of wine).

Tiny but cute. All those wine glasses will have a home in 7-10 days.

Our t.v. is a hot mess right now. Whoever designed these places left a huge alcove above the fireplace. Why? I have no idea. We put our t.v. up there, but any suggestions about how to make it look less like a college dorm area are welcome. I can't think of anything to do (aside from move the wires).


I also mentioned that I want to paint an accent well. This is it:

And when we get that wine rack in it's going to go right by that cable outlet.

The guest bedroom is also doubling as where I study. So excited not to be studying in the same room that Charlie works in.

a room of one's own.

Messy desk.

book love.

You can consider these all before pictures & if you have any suggestions they're greatly appreciated. Overall I really like it here & I think Henry does too:

sweet Henry.


Emily said...

Hi neighbor! Congrats on the move, everything is looking great! For the alcove above the fireplace, I'd paint the nook the same color as your accent wall - it will draw your eye to the dimension of the space. If you can find another place for the TV (a stand) I think that would work best since the TV is smaller than the nook, but if not, maybe lean a few picture frames on either side to hide the wires and make it fireplacey even though the TV is there.

Emily said...

Oh and I LOVE your photo wall. The pictures are fantastic. I'm not feeling like blogging right now either - dog days of summer, maybe. Did you get a teaching job for the fall?

Taryn said...

Your photo wall is perfect.

I agree with Emily- I would move the TV to a stand or something.

J said...

Adorable! I love what you have done so far, and the photo wall is nothing short of perfection!

Katy said...

Check out this site for the little alcove for a beachy idea: http://www.younghouselove.com/our-portfolio/

Search for Chantel and it will take you there faster

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous home! Everything looks great.

And I'm also SO impressed with how perfect your picture wall turned out!

Alex said...

hi there - nice job on the picture wall. The new place is nice!

New England Girl said...

LOVE the photo wall you did! It turned out so so well. And I adore your kitchen. It may be tiny, but it sure is big on character.

Oonafey said...

The photo wall looks great! You have gotten much more done in your new house than I have! And you've had time to hike, so jealous.