Friday, August 7, 2009

Beer is good ...

I have been MIA. We moved & things are a little chaotic, but in a good way. Love. No, LOVE the new place.

Right now I'm enjoying my one true love: beer. Just discovered this one:

New Belgium, you rock.


Taryn said...

Glad the move went well. And that you have a new friend. = )

Katy said...

glad you love your new place!

Lily said...

Beer IS good!
I read your blog often, but have yet to say hello (isn't that silly of me?)

Keep up the bloggin'!

j&k said...

I am another blog reader of yours and haven't said hi! Oddly enough though, my mom called me just last night (she lives in CO too!) to let me know she was camping on top of a mountain sipping on a fabulous new beer called...Skinny Dip! I guess I must try it now!