Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yarmouth vs. Whipple

So, the wall that I want to paint. Actually that might have turned into 3 walls now, but we'll see. Charlie and I can't agree on the color so I thought I'd get some other people's opinions.

So, here's our "living area" front to back.

Here are the walls that I'm thinking of painting:

This one is definitely getting painted.

Moving the t.v. wasn't an option. Unfortunately. I wanted the room set up slightly differently but Charlie won out on this one. I'm taking Emily's suggestion and painting behind the t.v.. I also have something to hang towards the top so that the space doesn't look so strange.

I'm thinking of painting the wall where the windows are as well. Although, this is the space I'm not too sure about. My plan is to hang white curtains so I thought the color might be a good contrast.

Now for the color choices. For the first time I actually want something a little more mellow than Charlie. We're trying to decide between B.M. Whipple Blue (Charlie's choice) and Yarmouth Blue (my choice). Now I've seen both of these colors on the wall and I will say that they look a lot brighter on the wall than on a paint chip.

Here are the color options:

whipple blue
Whipple Blue

and ...

yarmouth blue

and if it helps, here's a tiny picture of a wall that was painted Yarmouth Blue.


So, which should I go with? Should I paint the wall with the windows or just stick to the other 2 areas? And if you have any more suggestions let me know. Things could get ugly once I get a paint brush in my hands.


Emily said...

I think I'm voting for Whipple. I like that it has a little gray to it. And for now I'd just paint the wall (love the wine bar!!!) and the nook, and see if you feel like that's enough - I think having the long wall painted the blue will help define it as a separate space (and the nook will just tie it all together).

Although, the window wall lends itself to an accent wall, so I don't think you can go wrong!

PS - they did a good job with paint for a rental, not super stark white walls, I like the color (but think that adding pops is a great idea).

Kat said...

For what it's worth I wouldn't paint the window. Instead I'd get some curtains that aren't white and use that to accent the space (I, shockingly, have red in my bedroom). And to totally throw a wrench into your decorating, the first thing I thought when I saw the main wall was to pain it a pretty sage green color. Your place is beautiful, Dan! Nice job making a home for you and Charlie. Next: label the jars in the kitchen ;)

Kat said...

Oh and where did you get the bookshelf that has Cranium on it? I need another bookshelf and I want it to double as a TV stand. That looks like it might work and it matches some of my other stuff.

Danielle said...

I think doing the wall with the window might be a bit much. Kat - I knew that you'd have red in your bedroom. Some black, too? :) The bookshelf is actually a media stand from IKEA (we used to have our tv on it). It comes with optional legs but I think it looks better w/o them. I'll see if I can find the link for you.

Taryn said...

Wow- yarmouth looks a lot bluer on the wall than it does on the chip. I would probably go with yarmouth. But I have never painted a wall in my life. good luck.

mollyandmarshal said...

My vote is Yarmouth. My living room is painted a color similar to the Whipple, and although I love it, it can be a little bold sometimes. The Yarmouth looks like it has a more muted look, and I think it will compliment your furniture a little better. I'm sure either one will look great!

mollyandmarshal said...

Check out this post, I have pictures of our living room with the blue we used. It's called Wedgewood Gray.