Friday, August 28, 2009

My wussy dog

Yeah, I said it, my dog's a wuss. Not always, but sometimes. There are things he does without thinking twice:
Backpackin' dog.
carry his own food and water on a backpacking trip. and getting as dirty as possible before sleeping in our tent.

Tell this guy what's up. Read: scare the shit out of him.

Swimming lessons.
Jump in any body of water. The dirtier the better.

on top of the Western Continental Divide.
Climb 14,000 ft. mountains, while harassing wildlife and other hikers for their food. (No one said he was well behaved.)

Wild goose chase.
Chase wild geese, and coyotes, and cows, and horses ... pretty much anything that moves. The bigger the better.

But he HATES to get his feet wet. In the morning when the grass is all dewey, he flat out refuses to walk on it. And I actually have to pick him up and put him in the grass. And then once he's there, he prances around on 3 legs and looks at me like this:


And he's also completely freaked out by his water bowl and refuses to drink out of it. It's big and scary that thing, much scarier than a pack of coyotes.

*Disclaimer: I realize that one of these pictures isn't exactly rated PG13. I just didn't feel like editing it out.*


Julie said...

I love it! That's the exact same face that Cash gives us when we tell him to get off the bed before we go to sleep.

Taryn said...

Haha- I can totally imagine the dog prancing around on three feet- we had a dog that dd that once.

(ps- didn't notice the R rated picture until you mentioned it- so no problem.)

Alex said...

thanks, that saved me a google search tonight.

Alex said...

Henry really did run under my legs when a little Bichon Frise approached him today on our run.