Saturday, June 5, 2010

and the rest of the telluride pictures ...

no joke we took like 400 pictures in 4 days.
i'll spare you 375 of them.
here's a few of the random ones that i could turn into several more posts. but i won't.

we went hiking again on sunday.
we did the judd wiebe trail from town and then wandered into mount sneffels wilderness area for a few hours.
our original plan was to hike mt. sneffels (a 14er) but the most recent trip report for it was for a few days before we were there. the mountain had recently gotten about 30 inches of snow and some guys did a pretty technical climb up and backcountry skied down.
since we have none of that gear (and because i'm scared of avalanches) we decided to stay below 11,000 feet.

the aspens were trying hard to grow some leaves.

hiking buddies
dogs are awesome.

sweet mountains.

1.5 million switchbacks.
note to self: make sure to eat breakfast when hiking for 6 hours. especially when dinner the night before consists of chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.

d-man cooling off
haha ... this picture makes me laugh.
the dogs were so hot that any time they found snow they immediately laid down in it.
about 2 seconds after this picture was taken dunkin went sliding down the snow pile.

happy anniversary

evening nap
one very sleepy puppy napping in front of the fire.

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Alex said...

Your trip looks amazing. I'm scared of avalanches too.