Friday, June 25, 2010

this week has been great.
started off with a great weekend full of drinks with friends, fishing on our canoe, swimming, grilling out food, cleaning, and playing with the dogs.

i only work 30 hours a week so usually thursday's and friday's are half days for me.
yesterday i got off work early and cleaned, went grocery shopping, mailed my father's day present only a week late (oops), actually cooked dinner for a change, and went swimming with charlie. and then after we got back i told him that soon my muscles were going to be bigger than his.
i'm not kidding either.

i picked up these flowers at safeway.
safeway is awesome, by the way. i've been shopping at sprouts a lot lately because it's so close but they don't have a lot of stuff we need.

today after i got off work i got home to charlie playing with the dogs.
we're lucky to have a fountain right outside so they can cool off.



while we were out an ice cream truck came by.
ice cream truck.

after they were done playing i took henry for a walk to starbucks for some iced coffee.
he never gets as much exercise as dunkin because he doesn't play "fetch". i guess the retriever in him just doesn't care about balls. anyway, he needs a lot more walks. and i'm trying to work on the whole "walk next to me and don't pull instead of dragging me with your throat thing". he was happy for the walk and the cup of ice i got him at starbucks. it almost made up for taking him out in a 100 degree day.

2 mile walk to starbucks. totally worth it.

and then i took about 100 pictures of the dogs because charlie was golfing and i was bored.

sleepy from all the exercise.

henry has the attention span of a gnat, which is why he's never looking at the camera.

please notice the food on his chin
ollie snuck in. please notice the food on his chin. he thinks anything on the table, counters, or sink is fair game.

yo woman, stop taking pictures of me
why are you still taking pictures of me?!

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