Sunday, June 20, 2010

life lately ...

has been awesome.
i'm no longer in a job where i'm yelled at by kids all day long, i took the summer off from school which means my nights and weekends are all mine, and i'm working in a job that i really, really like.

wednesday night, charlie and i went to lodos for dinner and 6 beers, one sunset, and 4 hours later it was 10 pm. that's right folks, i stayed out to 10 pm on a weeknight!
i'm fun again.
and during that dinner i told charlie that having a "regular" job has been the best thing that happened to me. he's been trying to convince me to leave teaching for a while so i know he was happy to hear it.

i've been spending lots of time outside, walking the dogs every day, i even joined the gym (i know, i know) & started swimming again.

friday night we met some friends at a rooftop bar.
saturday we took the canoe to boyd lake and spent the day out on the water, trying not to get tipped over by the wakes from powerboats. and although we forgot the oars (something we didn't realize until the boat was in the water) and charlie snapped his fishing rod. we had such a good time. and then we came home, went swimming, and grilled out steak and asparagus at 10 pm. i no longer feel like an old lady.

we're camping next weekend. if i win we'll be camping in wyoming, but we'll see ...

i definitely needed this summer to take a break from school. and i've decided not to switch degree programs because at this point i really just want to be finished.

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Emily said...

D- so happy to hear you're doing well. isn't life great when it's not so complicated? call me soon!