Tuesday, June 1, 2010

road trip!

holy crap, telluride was amazing.
the drive was beautiful, if i haven't said it before, i love colorado.
our hotel was awesome, the town was so cute and exactly how i imagined it.
the hiking had some of the best views i've ever seen.
oh, and spending 4 days with just my husband and dogs was definitely the highlight.

i came home early from work friday, packed up the car, turned off my phone for the weekend, and we hit the road.
we took the "scenic" route down to telluride aka not i-70 and it was so worth it.
it was twisty and turny through the mountains and valleys and didn't take us any extra time.
if you're road tripping from denver to southwest colorado it's definitely worth the views.

small town USA
small town, usa


recently i've been loving prairie grass and clouds.
part of the reason i want to spend a weekend in wyoming.

almost there ... hello, san juans!

another random town.
the valleys were beautiful!

and probably my favorite:
road trip!
there were so many random ranches and farms along the way.

i know this sounds crazy but i had almost as much fun in the car as i did in telluride.
we used to take road trips to see family all the time when we lived back east.
i'd make us mix cds, and we'd stop at wawa for soda and a sub.
there was no wawa, but i did make us a playlist (of course telluride made an appearance) and pack us some snacks.

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Emily said...

beautiful! it's clear why you don't want to move back east. glad you guys had fun! i want to hear all about it!