Thursday, June 3, 2010

bridal veil falls, telluride

i love hiking.
this is no secret.
hiking in telluride was amazing. mostly because of the views.
we hiked saturday and sunday. and when i say hike i mean we spent about 6 hours wandering the trails both days. aside from a minor (ok, really painful) sunburn on sunday we had a great time.

the hike we did on saturday was bridal veil falls. you basically drive through town, continue a mile are forced to stop because you run into the mountains. i had looked up this hike before we went and wanted to do it because i wanted to see the waterfall. there were actually a few waterfalls along the way, and although the hike climbed the whole way it was pretty easy. in fact charlie complained that it was too easy, but the views were worth it. our plan was to hike past the falls to silver lake but because there was so much snow and the river we needed to cross was so high we turned around about a mile past the falls.

bridal veil falls
bridal veil falls from the "parking lot"


looking back at the town.

mist from the falls
mist from the falls.
it was pretty much raining around this turn.

rainbow from the falls
rainbow. so cool.

power plant
hydro power plant. so cool.

the trail turned into a river
the trail turned into a stream from all the snow melt.

after the falls. it got pretty!


Emily said...

wow, that post just sent me spiralling into a jealous hiking obsession! you guys are so lucky to live close to that- it looks absolutely amazing!

Iva said...

wow these are incredible! I love the 3rd from the bottom!

Happy Friday! Have a great sunny weekend!