Tuesday, July 6, 2010

fourth of july weekend

friday night:
made sangria & had dinner and drinks at lodo's.


took the canoe to boyd lake.
had an arnold palmer & m&m's for breakfast, lunch on the canoe, & hot dogs and sangria for dinner.

boyd lake

boyd lake & a beautiful day.

i successfully jumped out and back into the canoe without tipping us over, read a good book, and watched charlie fish.


he caught a little fish ...

baby catch

... and a bigger one.

big catch

we also got lots of sun.



charlie broke out his new trail running shoes:

the charlie charlie shoes

and we hiked bear peak & south boulder peak.


goof ball

we made it down just before it started to rain.

south boulder peak

and then we baked an apple pie, grilled out with some friends, drank a lot more sangria, and watched some fireworks in the rain.


had breakfast @ panera and then braved the traffic and drove out to the mountains to hike herman's gulch.


made it

doggie love

dunkin loves me. :)

herman lake

herman lake

family photo.

snow in july

snow in july.

pretty good weekend. :)


Emily said...

You had me at sangria. Have you posted your recipe? I'm in need of a good one!

New England Girl said...

I'm with Emily--have you posted the recipe? That is one beverage I could use on this 100 degree day. It looks/sounds like you had a lovely 4th - so happy to hear it! :)

Alex said...

Jealous as usual! Looks amazing. See you in September? xx