Friday, July 16, 2010

winter love.

this happens to me every year.
without fail, in the middle of summer and winter i start getting nostalgic for the opposite season.

i don't feel this way about spring and fall.
maybe because fall is my favorite season?
maybe because i'm ready for a change by the time they come around.
maybe because in colorado, they're both about a week long.

but when i see pictures like these:




night shot.

... and this,

it makes me miss winter just a bit.
as long as i have a warm hat and boots and jacket when i'm outside.
and a hot toddy and a fire to come home to.


Katy said...

I wish it snowed like that here. If it did, the entire state would shut down. :-)

Alex said...

ugh, I do NOT miss the snow. You can have all of it.