Thursday, July 22, 2010

it's the little things ...

summer windows
... open windows, a puppy dog, a comfy chair, and my favorite pillow.
... charlie grilling steaks on a sunday night.
... watching the real world. so trashy. so good.
... summer paperbacks.
... when i call me dog & he actually listens.
... walks with the dogs at dusk. everyone's in the homes, the sun's gone down so it's cool.
... popsicles.
... cleaning on a thursday.
... having ALL my laundry clean.
... rainy nights.
... waking up at 3:30 am to go hiking & feeling like we're the only people who are awake.
... an afternoon nap after the early morning hiking.
... breckenridge. so cute.
... downloading zac brown band's new album to my ipod.
... the fact that zac brown band combined free and into the mystic, two of my favorite songs into an ultimate favorite song.
... buying tickets for zbb at red rocks in september.
... my shaved cat. he's so cute.
... my turkey sandwich every day at lunch.
... starbucks on a cold rainy morning.
... playing with our camera.


Emily said...

I was going to ask you if you were going to ZBB. Will be SUCH a great time! It's the only country concert that's interested me in awhile.

Emily said...

omg they have a new album! i'm getting on itunes immediately after work! so jealous of your concert!

Anonymous said...

the combo of into the mystic and free literally, and i am not exaggerating.. pull the car over on my drive home from work so i could stare through my sunroof @ my boondock stars. played it on repeat three times before i put craig into drive again.

Anonymous said...

emily, i totally agree. kenny chesney just isn't doing it any more.

em, it's a live cd from a concert in atlanta. but it's awesome.

abs, i know. freaking, amazing.