Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i mentioned that i made sangria for the 4th.
it was my first time making sangria and i was told it was impossible to mess up & i think everyone was right.

i used this recipe because it was made with red wine and was easy and fast.
remember, the kitchen and i aren't good friends.

i made two batches of it. hey, it was a three day weekend.
the second batch, i didn't put any oranges in because i didn't have enough room. and it was definitely not as sweet, but in a good way.


i think if i made this again i'd cut the sugar in half.

oh, and instead of gin i used coconut rum & i didn't measure, i poured. a lot.
it was good. :)


Anonymous said...

looks like you took a page from my book in the over-pour. i'm so very proud! looks delish, 6!

CT mom said...

I am a New Englander and I recently discovered your blog...I LOVE your photos!!! My youngest daughter went to CU and has since moved to another state for grad school. She misses Colorado as you can imagine and I miss visiting her in Boulder. Your photos make me "homesick" for the mountains and lifestyle in CO (if that is possible for a place that I've only visited frequently but never have lived there).