Friday, July 30, 2010

it's the little things ...


... getting off early on a friday afternoon and spending it with a good book and some good music on the balcony.
... charlie coming home after a work trip.
... starbucks in the morning.
... a glass of malbec and a late night phone conversation.
... dreaming about ikea visits in MD.
... a husband who buys me ginger ale and advil when i'm sick.
... not having to hike a 14,000 foot mountain when i have the flu.
... elin hilderbrand books.
... waking up to the smell of coffee on a sunday morning.
... clean sheets.
... my cat who hasn't left my lap all weekend.
... a late night walk with my puppy.
... thoughts of fall: mums, apple pies, pot roasts, boots, sweaters, aspen trees.

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