Saturday, July 24, 2010


dear charlie,

remember friday night, when i convinced you that beers on the patio were a much better plan than a movie in the theater? well, i do. in fact it's nights like those that i love more than anything. you + me + some good music + a drink or two + henry sleeping next to us = good times. it's so nice to take a break from tv, computers, and phones for a bit.

lets have more nights like that.
love you, dan

ps. remember when i told you that i seriously loved our life? i wasn't kidding. it's awesome & i wouldn't trade it for anything. we're lucky, lucky people.


1 comment:

New England Girl said...

You two are adorable. I really love what you let us see about your relationship. And it thrills me to see this kind of love still exists. :)