Monday, December 20, 2010

the goals of 2010.

i posted in january about what i wanted to accomplish for 2010. let's see how i did.

here are some [fun] things i'd like to do in 2010.

1. climb mount elbert.
uh, not so much. the trip was booked and then i ended up with a 102 fever and the flu.
2. comfortably ski some black diamonds by the end of the season.
yeah as long as we're talking perfectly groomed trails i am fine. but since moguls are a different story i consider this accomplished. sort of.
3. enjoy a weekend away for our anniversary.
duh. we went to telluride. i only wrote about a million posts about our trip. it was awesome and we're definitely going back. soon.
4. visit family. hopefully before the holidays.
yep. i went home for a few days in august. it was much needed and i'm so glad i did.
5. cook julia child's beef bourguignon.
check (with some help & a lot of direction from alex). :) it was goooood.
6. run the bolder boulder.
nope. the bolder boulder was the same day as our anniversary. i picked a trip to telluride over a 10k. so glad i did.
7. camp in wyoming.
nope. and i really wanted to. maybe next year.
8. use our canoe. with the dogs.
sort of. we used the canoe a lot. but not with the dogs.
9. watch my sister dance in her last nutcracker. even though i hate the nutcracker.
she didn't dance in the nutcracker this year. which is a good thing because there's no way we would have made it back for it. new goal: make it home for alex's graduation.
10. learn how to use our new camera.
eh, yes. although i still could learn a lot more.
11. learn how to use PSE.
as long as we're talking actions then, yes. i consider that a check.
12. finish my 2009 scrapbook. by the end of february.
apparently i don't scrapbook anymore. maybe i'll go digital in 2011.

here are some [serious] things i'd like to do in 2010.

1. be a better wife. cook more, appreciate my husband more, complain less.
i tried. and i do appreciate my husband. a lot. every day. i could work more on not complaining. i think i did a lot of complaining in 2010.
2. save more money.
3. find a long-term job.
4. take AT LEAST 5 classes.
i took 4. i'm pretty proud of that.
5. set a budget.
8. read silent spring.
and nope.

and here are some things i will NOT do in 2010.

1. adopt more animals.
2. move.
3. wear heels when i can wear flats.
4. go to the gym instead of walking the dogs.
5. buy holiday decorations.
6. cook like julia, or martha, or my mother.

i accomplished all of these. apparently i am awesome at being lazy.

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Emily said...

I would say you had a very successful year! My list is pretty much empty.