Wednesday, December 15, 2010

life of a wife.

or really, life of a person in a committed relationship (but it didn't rhyme nearly as nicely with life).
today i am taking my list final for 2010.
and what should be my third-to-last final for all of school. eek!
it's a good thing that the end is near today because i can tell you that i've been really crappy at maintaining relationships lately. phone calls, emails, christmas presents, etc. have all taken third place behind school and work. i suppose it can't be helped really. i mean we all have to prioritize the things in our lives and i just happen to pick a paycheck and a degree for the top of my list right now. but, that doesn't change the fact that i feel very guilty sometimes for this choice.
i've been a terrible wife lately. friday is charlie's birthday and i've had him make all the plans, i told him just go go buy his present, and i don't even have a card or a cake for him right now. that's right, i don't even have a card for my husband's birthday.
however, i did wake up at 5 am to go skiing with him on saturday. trust me, that is love.
i'm excited that school is almost done and that i'm going to celebrate christmas with my family.
but it's driving me insane that i haven't mailed our christmas cards or bought anyone a present. i keep reminding myself that those things aren't what the holidays are suppose to be about. that what matters is that we're spending time together.
but it does make me wish for a slightly more balanced life. one where family and friends are at the top of my priority list. someday soon ... hopefully.


Alex said...

I am definitely going to sue you.

Anonymous said...

go ahead and try ....

Taryn said...

I know the feeling- from the other side. Chris had to put me on hold for a few months/weeks to finish school. It was tough on us. I am so excited that he has finished! I am sure you guys will be fine with some time to reconnect.

(Don't feel bad about the cards- I have no real excuse and we still don't have ours out yet.)