Wednesday, December 15, 2010

happy christmas 2010.

lets pretend for a second that i sent all of our christmas cards out on time this year.

that means that people would have them hanging in various creative places all over the house (or have chucked them into the trash) by now.

i ordered our cards from tiny prints this year. this was a huge step for me. it was the first time our names actually appeared on a card AND that i didn't buy cards from REI featuring tents and labs hiking mountains. we're growing up.
i'm sort of a non-traditionalist and charlie was adament about our cards not being a giant picture of 'us' on the front. (we compromised. there is a tiny picture of us on the back.)
if you usually receive an xmas card from me, don't worry, it'll get there and until then you can have this image to hold you over.

xmas card 2010 (front)

i'll leave the back as a surprise.

ps. tiny prints is awesome & has great service.

pps. happy xmas, ya'll.

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