Tuesday, December 7, 2010

happy 7th birthday to my favorite yellow lab!
and if you could not get any older after this that'd be great. thanks.


i've written a million times about why dunkin is a rockstar.
but it's amazing to me just how much energy he still has even at 7 and i'm not expecting it to disappear any time soon.


the best thing about him would have to be that he is always by my side. literally. he's my permanent shadow around the house or when we're hiking or walking. no leash needed for this pup. i'm forever grateful for the company, especially when i'm stuck spending weekends writing papers or when i come home from a long day at work and he goes bonkers.

dog love is unconditional love. and that's something i'm very grateful for.

doggie love

thanks dunk! happy birthday. here's to a million more (ok, i'd settle for 6 or 7).



Kath said...

He's adorable!!

Alex said...

i love your pets! I wish they were mine. Be careful next time you have me over - you should definitely check my suitcases on the way out. How would D/H do in a 450 sq ft apt?