Saturday, December 18, 2010

happy birthday, charlie v.
i find this picture hysterical.

yesterday (yes i am a day late) was charlie's birthday. and guess what? i actually had a present and a card for him to open! i'm slowly redeeming myself.
we went to the avalanche game and then headed out to grab a drink with some friends.
since his dad's in town he and charlie spent the day at the garden of the gods before the hockey game. i'm so glad his dad was here to celebrate with him.
i forgot how awesome hockey is. it is awesome. much more awesome than baseball.

anyway, happy birthday to the hubs. thanks for being so supportive this past year. for dealing with my whining about work, and for calming me down on those few nights when i was a huge ball of stress. i hope you had a great last year and i bet this one will be twice as good (because i'll only be in school for half of it, which means as of may 17th i will start to be fun again).

love you. lots.

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Kath said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!