Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 in review.

whew, 2010 was a crazy year. two new jobs. 4 classes. 5 visits from friends and family. and all the little stuff in between.

in january i started job number one (aka. probably my last teaching job), we flew to hawaii for a work trip for charlie, and i started my third semester of grad school.

yeah, that's love

we had friends visit in february.
stuck in a bar

march brought spring break for me and our last ski trip for the season.
Tulips B

in april it finally started to look like spring AND i had my last snow day as a teacher and we went to our first rockies game of the season.


in may i finished by class, charlie's mom an aunt came to visit, my dad came to visit, and we celebrated our first anniversary with a trip to telluride.
downtown telluride


i started a new job in june.

july brought hiking, canoeing, and fishing.

snow in july

in august we hiked a 14er, i flew home to visit family and started school again.
us w. Quandry Peak

alex came to visit in september, charlie raced in his first triathlon, and we made bouf bourguignon.

awwh so excited.

we made riceballs, carved pumpkins, and dressed poor henry up as a squirrel in october.

in november we cooked our first thanksgiving dinner together.
yes virginia, that is a dog nose

december brought christmas decorations, the end of my second-to-last semester of school. we celebrated charlie's birthday and charlie's dad and my family came to visit.
xmas eve

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Emily said...

What an awesome post! It makes me wonder what we would have thought if you could see this post 7 years ago? I'm so glad you guys are happy out there :)