Saturday, January 1, 2011


oh hello, 2011. (that's twenty-eleven, in case you were wondering.)
i'm half sad to see the holidays over, half excited for a fresh start in 2011. not that i didn't thoroughly enjoy 2010, it was a great year, but i always get a little excited for a new year.
excited to put away the christmas decorations, set a few goals, throw out the remainder of the holiday cookies that i definitely do not need to be eating, and clean the house.

christmas etc. has been great. my family was with us for 10 days and just in case i could possibly forget, i am reminded just how much i love and miss them. i might have gotten a bit teary when we dropped them off at the airport at the crack of dawn this morning.
we, okay my mom, cooked an insane amount of food during the past week. in fact we never ate out once, and charlie and i have a refrigerator stuffed full of leftovers to feed us this week. and if you know my mom she makes amazing food, from scratch. as in, we had buttermilk pancakes for breakfast the other morning, made with actual buttermilk, not the way i usually make them where i mix water and pancake mix.

i know i complained a bit about working this past week when everyone was off playing, and i have to admit i did get a bit jealous when charlie was off having fun with my family and i was stuck at work. it's more the fact that i see them twice a year and therefore feel like i should be able to spend as much time as possible with them. and then i got sick this week, so sick that on thursday i attempted to go to work which only lasted about 45 minutes before i realized i couldn't even see straight and went home to sleep the rest of the day. but thanks to my mom's cooking and charlie's trips to the store to buy me vitamin c, and tissues, and a humidifier, i'm feeling much better.

today i've done loads and loads of laundry, we broke out our new drill and saw (thanks dad!) and rehung some curtains and fixed our 'dining room table', we booked our hotel for hawaii, and we're slowly trying to get our house back in order. three straight weeks of houseguests will make for a pretty disorderly home. i'm so glad we were able to see family this month, but as charlie said 'cheers to getting our house back'. he has also informed me that he is not doing dishes for an entire month.

i'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend, setting some goals, and to what 2011 has in store for us. happy new year!

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Sarah said...

Happy new year to you too! I loved your beautiful snowshoeing pics and slightly jealous :)