Monday, January 31, 2011

home sweet home.

i finally made it back to denver.
although i sort of lost the car at the airport, convinced a shuttle driver to drive me all around the parking lot (both parking lots) to look for it, and then finally gave up and called the emergency number and told them i lost my car, which i should have just done in the first place because after giving them the license plate number they told me exactly where it was. (how do you like that run-on sentence?)
anyway, good to know for the future i suppose.

the dogs were so happy to be home.
and the cats, well, that's another story. let's just say, i do not love them and if anyone wants a cat or two they're welcome to mine.

this morning i was studying at the table and looked over to see this:
bad dog

um, yes. the dogs are not allowed on the furniture. except for the fact that henry sleeps in the bed with us. and (after taking this picture) i called his name he just looked over at me, no guilt whatsoever. i guess this is why people buy slip-covered furniture.

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