Saturday, January 15, 2011


my dinner on wednesday. i miss trader joes.

i love home.
even with it's dirty laundry & constant cleaning & lack of prepared food.
i was gone all week long for work and there's just something so nice coming home to my bed, with my dogs, and my couch.
also, the northeast is freaking freezing. i'll take single digits in colorado any day over 20-something and 2 feet of snow in new england.
we got 2 feet of snow in one day, and when i went to the hotel front desk to ask for a shovel to dig my car out the guy looked at me like i had three heads. 'um, excuse me, sir. my car is buried in snow how do you expect me to get out?'.

to celebrate my return to colorado i bought a lamp.
it's a good thing i don't travel for work often because i hate it. i have no problem being home when charlie's traveling, but there's something about a crappy hotel room that just feels so lonely.

i think i mentioned that charlie's sister is having a baby soon. yesterday i went shopping to get a present for her shower. when did babies get so complicated? i was wandering around trying to figure out what all this stuff was. we finally settled on things i could figure out: books. the woman at the book store was trying to help me find some books and she was like "oh, how old is the child?". um, negative 2 months? is it not appropriate to buy books for unborn children? i figure one day he'll be old enough to appreciate them. i know i'm weird about books but if i was having a child i'd appreciate books a lot more than some pacifiers and crib bumper pads.

this week school starts & then we're off to hawaii.
i cannot wait for some sun and some time to do a lot of research/paper writing.

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CT mom said...

I ALWAYS give books as newborn/shower gifts. They are enduring memory making gifts that the child won't out grow in a month.