Saturday, January 29, 2011

cause sometimes you have to say no.

i saw a mongoose here.

still in kona. today is my last day here. actually my plane leaves at midnight so here's hoping that i sleep well. i cannot wait to go and pick up the doggies, who i know will be covered in filth, take them to get baths, and then home to grocery shop and pass out early.
charlie already left. he's headed to las vegas for this week and then i'll pick him up from the airport on thursday. let's just say it was a challenge packing for multiple destinations. we shared a suitcase. that was interesting.

i sort of felt bad this week for not spending more time during the day with people.
most of the time they were brunching, beaching, etc..
being in school sort of makes doing these things difficult, because although i'm in hawaii i'm missing class to be here and unlike work, you can't really take a vacation from school.
i know people probably think i'm being antisocial because can i possibly be studying for three days straight? the answer is yes. yes i can. trust me i would love to be out by the beach (and i did do a decent amount of reading by the beach and pool). however, this is my last semester of grad school. last semester! and i really must pass all of my classes. so i said no to the beach multiple times. i still went to all the dinners which were amazing but i spent my days studying. like the good student that i wasn't in undergrad.

so on my last day in hawaii i'll be doing some more studying. and then next year when i come back i'll be free to read as many fiction books as i want.
i can't wait. :)

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Alex said...

I can relate :-( Good job making it through the final push!