Friday, January 28, 2011

today feels like spring.

more wind.  it was very windy.

i'm still in hawaii for another day or so but it's cloudy and cool here.
i definitely did not bring enough warm clothes when packing this time. i guess i got a little excited for sun and then forgot that the temperature is not that warm. especially at night.

i've gotten so much done while i've been here. it's been amazing. the only thing that isn't amazing is the fact that i'm covered in hives and therefore hopped up on benadryl. the hives make figuring out what to wear pretty difficult. as a general rule i try not to show up to dinner with a very obvious allergic reaction, however when you pack for 80 degree weather it doesn't leave you with many options. also, the effects of the benadryl are very ... interesting. i thought it would just make me drowsy, which it definitely does, but with some other interesting side effects, too. i'm looking forward to coming back to a state that i'm not allergic to.

however, it's been so nice to get some sun. spend tons of time reading by the pool and have 2 days alone with charlie. charlie's also been popping benadryl, too. except instead of hives he looks like he has pink eye and can't stop crying. he's just allergic to pretty much every flower/plant/tree that ever existed. we're a mess and definitely not cut out for tropical island living.

but for now i'm researching, reading, and writing while outside.
see you when i return to 30 degree weather.

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Kat said...

Hope you two feel better! My boss gave me the tip of using kids Benedryl. It's liquid so you can titrate the dose more subtly so that you can try to get the benefits of the drug without as many negative side effects. Worked for me, hope it works for you! Enjoy Hawaii!! I'm in DC where Dave is currently having a snowball fight with a 5 yo. I'd rather be in sun :/