Wednesday, January 19, 2011


lately i have been grumpy. and for no good reason.
i know it's january and if anything i should have the post-holiday blues but that's not it. i was happy so see january. i love a new year. and this year i was looking forward to the end of the holidays. they're stressful.
we're going to hawaii in 4 days. something i am very excited about. i'm annoyed at the amount of work i'm bringing with me, but still really happy for some vitamin d. maybe i'm just grumpy because of the weather and because i haven't walked the dogs in forever because when i get home it's pitch black outside. or because we have no food in our house and i refuse to go grocery shopping before we leave. or because the books i ordered from barnes and noble have yet to ship. even though they were supposed to ship two days ago. yes, i'm definitely irritated about that. i feel like it's the dog walking thing.
when we get back my goal is to start walking them in the mornings. unless there is snow on the sidewalks. then i get to sleep in.
but soon i'll be laying in a hammock looking at this & i have a feeling i won't be so grumpy then.



Emily said...

Enjoy Hawaii! I'm jealous!

Alex said...

I <3 you. Don't be grumpy.