Monday, January 3, 2011

it's the little things ...

holiday edition.

... my cat curled under the christmas tree.
... church on christmas eve with my family.
... the pastor telling everyone not to worry about their crying children during the service because babies cry. duh.
... henry helping everyone open their presents.
... our christmas morning egg casserole.
... the charlie brown christmas cd.
... a christmas day hike with the family.
... our permanent christmas message on our dry erase board because my sister used a sharpie to write 'merry christmas'.
... christmas i-chatting with long distance family members.
... using the christmas platter my sister bought us for our fancy dinner.
... tea and caramel pie.
... celebrating new years when the ball actually dropped.
... champagne toasts to 2011 at 8:30 pm.
... how happy my mom was when charlie 'toasted' to their dog.
... spending new years eve cooking.
... snow on new years eve! and taking henry to play in it for about 10 minutes before it got too cold to be outside.
... resolutions.
... spending time with family, sitting by the fire, wearing charlie's wool socks, drinking tea, and listening to van morrison.
... my mom's pea soup.
... coffee and slow present opening on christmas morning.

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