Tuesday, January 4, 2011


it's that time of year again ...
celebrating having my car smashed

for [family]
... make a trip in june to visit our new nephew & watch my sister graduate.
... visit telluride again for our anniversary.
... ski 3 times with charlie.
... get better about returning phone calls/emails. as in return them within a week.
... send a birthday card to everyone this year. on time.

for [serious]
... graduate. 3 more classes, including chemistry. ugh!
... submit my bfr paper to a journal.
... non-bloggable goal #1.
... non-bloggable goal #2.
... save some moolah.

for [fun]
... climb another 14er. my vote is for mt. elbert & charlie's is for mt. bierstadt. we'll see.
... rent/stalk craigslist for snowshoes and find some local trails.
... convince charlie to try skijoring with me.
... walk the dogs 4 times a week.

for [the home]
... find some new easy meals to make on a regular basis.
... make a monthly menu & shop (okay, have charlie shop) once a week.
... redo our table. either sand and stain or sand and paint.
... organize the storage closet in the garage & get rid of things we don't need. like my 7 boxes of teaching stuff.


Abby said...

im interested in these non-bloggable goals. my nosy self will be calling you today.

Kate @ BigGirl + LittleGirl said...

Random comment... just wanted to tell you that I love the quote (and the picture above it) on your sidebar: "Be the person your dog thinks you are." Lovely!
Happy New Year :)