Sunday, January 2, 2011

devil's thumb.


the monday after christmas my parents and i drove out to devil's thumb ranch.
they had been last year to go x-country skiing and have been talking about how beautiful it was all year long. charlie and alex were over skiing at mary jane and i debated going with them, but figured i could downhill with charlie any weekend i wanted.


so henry, my parents and i piled into my carolla and caused a small traffic jam on route 40. i'm oh so happy my little car made it safety to tabernash although it wasn't exactly easy getting there.

i had decided to go snowshoeing while my parents skied and while everyone tried to talk me out of it, i'm so glad i didn't listen because i loved snowshoeing. loved as in, forget skis i want snowshoes. cheaper, more practical, and both the dogs and i can get some exercise. and the best thing about snowshoeing, i stayed warm the entire time! every time i go skiing i freeze on the lift, which i hate.

anyway, devil's thumb ranch. it was beautiful. and peaceful. and i never thought i'd be the kind of person to pick a snowy cold mountain over a warm beach, but this place won me over.


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Little Girl::Big Glasses said...

Hi Danielle - randomly found your blog - I'm the marketing director for Devil's Thumb... would you mind friending us on Facebook and adding your pictures? They're beautiful! Also, I'd love to use them on our website...I could trade a couple days' of trail passes and a massage, maybe? Let me know. You can reach me at Thank you!