Monday, February 14, 2011

furniture rearranging: part 2

back in november one of the things that we wanted to do was get a new desk for the office.
the one we currently had was huge, which made fitting things in that space sort of awkward and it also had some water damage from where we previously lived.
see our last apartment was built on a hill and we were the basement apartment. it was great because it didn't feel like a basement because the side where the windows were was not underground. it was bad because everyones garage was actually above our apartment. also, they were built (incorrectly) on clay, which meant that 10 years later when the foundations were shifting there was a lot of cracking and leaking going on. of course when we moved in we didn't know any of these things. our 'storage closet' was right below someone's garage. because of the shifting, instead of the garage sloping slightly away from the homes they sloped slightly towards the homes, which meant in the winter when people parked their cars in the garage and the snow melted it ran into the apartment.
so in the spring when i went to clean everything out there was a lot of water damage to a decent amount of our stuff. just one of a million reasons why we moved. luckily mold was not a problem, although i have no doubt that it was growing in the walls. anyway, one of the things that was damaged was the desk which was why we were planning on replacing it.

so, we ordered a new desk, which charlie decided was too small. and so the new desk moved to the guest bedroom.

here's the bedroom when we first moved in.

Bedroom #2
this picture doesn't do it justice but it was pretty cramped.

and a few months later with different curtains.
new curtains

and here's it is now with a different desk & a lot more room.
guest room 3

guest room 2

guest room 1

i actually really like desks as end tables, which is good for the future and i'm also getting a lot of use out of it now since this is where i study. until i graduate. in 3 months. i'm not counting the days or anything...


Alex said...

Is it creepy that I consider this "my room" in your house?

Anonymous said...

that is your room! come back and visit and bring the boyfriend!