Saturday, February 19, 2011

slipcover help.

so last weekend charlie and i were walking through crate and barrel and i happened to see that they now make slipcovers for our couches.
words cannot express how happy that makes me. our couches are super comfortable but we have animals and they have fur and it would be nice to have something i can throw in the washing machine every now and then.

but here's the problem. it's sort of annoyed me that our couch and chair and a half match. and i'm debating getting different colored slip covers for them, just to mix it up. BUT it's pretty obvious that they're from the same line. so my question is, can i still get non-matching slipcovers?

here's the living room (from a while ago, but it's the best picture of the furniture):

and here are the slipcover options. i'm thinking of doing "bone" for the chair and a half:
bone chair and a half

and sand for the couch.

sand sofa

BUT if i go with only one color for the both i'll probably do the "sand". white couches still scare me.

so, what do you think? can i go with two different colors or should i just do one color for both?


CT mom said...

You certainly can use two colors but I think the ones you have chosen are too similar to look "right". It would look as though you tried to match but couldn't find two slipcovers in the same color. I would try two colors that are more different and then use throw pillows with both of those colors in them.

Emily said...

I love that CB is doing more slipcovered furniture right now. I just got an email that their slipcovers (maybe just the furniture) are 15% off through Mar 31st, maybe they'll do 15% off the slipcovers for already purchased furniture.

So, I agree with CT Mom - you can definitely do two different slipcovers, but the bone and sand are very similar and might look like you didn't know the difference? (Hard to tell online, they might be totally different in person). So I'd either go with one color and mix it up with slipcovers, or go with the sand for the couch (or bone - I'm all about bleachable white with dogs) and a darker color for the chair and a half - I'm thinking a charcoal, olive or gray-blue. Or even a patterned stripe.

Alex said...

I agree with the two above. But after those throw pillows, I feel like anything goes with you... :-)