Wednesday, February 2, 2011

it's the little things ...


... sleeping in your bed after being gone for a while.
... a random stranger giving me his window seat and taking the middle seat on a 6 hour flight.
... driving the jeep in the snow (instead of my tiny car).
... clean laundry and a clean house after a vacation.
... making dinner after eating out for 10 days.
... chili in the crock pot on a freezing cold night.
... wool socks. hey, it's -9!
... a job that understands about things like frozen pipes.
... february = valentines day!
... colorado. (being away makes me miss you)
... bringing plants back to life that i thought were dead.
... organizing things.
... missing traffic.
... clean dogs.
... my suitcase being the first one out at baggage claim.
... not getting burnt in hawaii. (this could be due to the fact that i avoided the sun the entire week)
... coming back to a place where a daily dose of benadryl is not necessary.
... the dogs licking my plate clean because when you have no running water they have to get clean somehow.

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