Thursday, February 3, 2011

the good, the bad, and the not so bad.


.the good.

01. charlie is home. after being gone for 5 nights i missed him! also, i'm happy to have him away from the craps tables of vegas.

02. this week is almost over. i cannot believe today is only thursday. it feels like this week has gone by three times as slowly as normal. i'm blaming the freezing cold weather, homework, and not being able to shower for 3 days.

03. i didn't go into work today. i almost did. i was going to work the morning before picking up charlie from the airport. however, one of the guys at work convinced me that frozen pipes were more important. i'm so glad i listened to him.

04. apparently the weather today was warm enough to thaw everything that was frozen. i can shower, cook, and clean dishes in the sink instead of having the dogs lick them after i eat.

05. it's super bowl weekend. i could care less about the game but i always enjoy an excuse to drink beer and hangout with friends on a sunday night.

06. the allergic reaction i had in hawaii disappeared when i came back to colorado.

07. its snowing. not enough to make a mess but just enough to make winter a little prettier.

08. i'm about to pay my last tuition payment. ever. i'm a little sad. i think i'll miss school.

.the bad.

01. i missed a lot of work this week. considering the fact that i didn't work at all last week since i was in the middle of the pacific ocean this was not good. although i love being at home i had a million things to do at work. normally i'd just work from home but that wasn't possible this time.

02. our pipes actually burst. i'm so thankful i was home. i'm not kidding when i say that the water bust through the drywall and was shooting across the kitchen. it was also pouring through the siding on the outside of our house. it was a mess. but the water was turned off in about 3 minutes. if i had gone to work it literally would have destroyed everything in the first two levels of our house.

.the not so bad.

01. i'll have to give charlie his car back. i've been driving the jeep all week and it's been so nice.

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