Monday, February 14, 2011

furniture rearranging.

back in november i posted about how charlie and i decided we might be staying in our apartment a bit longer than originally planned.
the whole 'get debt free' plan is really a bummer sometimes. stupid student loans.
anyway, i mentioned there were a few things i wanted to do to the apartment since we were staying here longer than just a few months. honestly, i don't know why i waited so long to do them because they were either super cheap or free and make me so much happier with our i-don't-own-you-and-therefore-i-don't-have-to-pay-to-fix-you place.

one of the things i've really liked about this apartment is it's the first place that i feel like i've done things to make it feel like home, but since it's not ours i've probably been a lot less careful than i would have if we owned it. for instance when i hung curtains i used a variety of methods that were definitely not sturdy and put a few more holes in the wall than absolutely necessary. however, i've learned my lesson and now measure the crap out of everything before putting a hole in the wall. frankly, it's also a lot easier for me to have charlie do things but he's beyond not interested in doing anything around the house and generally gets annoyed when he has to hammer a nail into a wall, which is why i've done most of the stuff myself.

one of the things i hated about the way we initially set up the living area was that the tv was on the mantle. it was a. too high and b. the wires hanging down the side of the wall were driving me crazy. we had set the living room up that way because we didn't want to have furniture in the middle of the dining/living area. it probably wouldn't have been so bad but we have huge furniture (something we didn't really think about when we bought it).

here was the living area a few months after moving in:

one of the things that bothered me about this was all the unused space near the windows. and yes, that is a tv tray that is being used as an end table.

LR w/curtains

and the tv ...


back in november when we moved things around in the office we ended up with a bookshelf that was no longer being used. so we brought that up here and used it as a tv stand. it's still a little high, but i could not find a tv stand narrow enough to fit in the nook, therefore it's perfect for now, which means it's staying until we move.

living room now:
living room

i also ended up moving some other furniture around. it's not perfect but it was all free.
living room 2

and the mantle sans tv.
no tv on the mantle!

it's funny how moving stuff around can make me so much happier.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I feel the same way. Switching things around makes me happy and excited. I love the nook above the fireplace. That alone makes the room look totally different.

Alex said...

looks good!