Monday, February 7, 2011

this weekend.

we spent our weekend playing darts (highly unusual), eating breakfast for odd meals, running errands, buying bonsi trees, cleaning, watching football and football themed movies, grilling hotdogs in a toaster oven, eating cheese and crackers, saying goodbye to friends, playing in the snow, and drinking lots of coffee.

there was not a lot of productivity that happened.
i did happen to conquer the world's largest pile of laundry.

and the hole in our wall got fixed.
one tiny pipe. one big problem.

you wouldn't think a pipe this small could cause as big of a problem as it did. but apparently it can.

saturday it started snowing.
snow! finally.

and we let the dogs run around a bit.

henry's always "it"

and by sunday morning there were a few more inches of snow on the ground.
just enough snow to make everything look pretty.

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