Wednesday, June 22, 2011



we're having a baby!
the kid is due december 7th and for the past few months i've been going from being really excited to completely terrified about what's to come.
we found out in early april and waited until 12 weeks to tell family, and friends a bit after that.
i think it drove charlie nuts to keep a secret for that long and although it was a relief to not have to fake drink any more, i'm so glad we waited that long to tell people.
the thing about babies is that, although everyone is excited for you, everyone also has an opinion about how you should be taking care of yourself, raising the baby, or what lifestyle choices you should be making.
personally i needed some time to adjust to the idea of having a baby and figure out some things for myself before being bombarded with questions.
we're not finding out the gender. something i always knew i wouldn't want to find out. this means that it'll be known as 'the baby' or 'the kid' for another 6 months.
charlie's hoping it's 10 days late so that they can share a birthday.
and we're both pretty excited to have another member of our family here at christmas.


Alex said...

yayy!!! :-) So so so happy for you both :)

Here is my opinion that I feel strongly you should follow. And I know best when it comes to baby-having. Instead of waiting 6 months to find out the gender, you should wait until he/she feels comfortable telling you if he/she is a boy or a girl. It's not healthy to push your child into gender roles.

Emily said...

Wonderful wonderful news, Danielle! I'm thrilled for you! [I thought briefly (but then forgot about it) "Hm, I wonder if she's pregnant?" when you mentioned changing your name and your ideas around similar decisions changing. Babies have a tendancy to change everything you ever felt strongly about :)). So enjoy it - I have no opinions for you about child rearing - or at least, none that don't change daily.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness, I had to double check which blog I was reading in Google Reader. Congratulations! That's so exciting.

Mary said...

That's fantastic news! Congratulations! The unsolicited advice is so annoying, but it comes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

as long as you and baby and charlie are all healthy and happy, then nothing else matters.

so much love being sent your way!

Sarah said...

Congratulations Danielle!

Kat said...

There are no words for how much I LOVE this picture. I am thrilled for you two! :)