Thursday, June 23, 2011

since we're on the topic ...

let's talk about some of my favorite things people have said to me since finding out we're going to have a baby.

one of the comments that i've gotten a lot is 'was this planned'. and i always want to say back, 'is it any of your business?'. i know this is a common question but seriously. we're married, we're not financially dependent on anyone, why does it matter if it was planned or not?

my other favorite comment would be 'what are you going to do about the animals'. yes, i know we have a lot of animals. but they're all well trained (okay, the dogs are well trained). the dogs have been around kids and love them and despite what everyone thinks, cats don't kill babies. someone actually told me that the cats would attack the baby. seriously?

and of course there are the people when they find out we're keeping the gender a surprise who say either, 'oh, you'll change your mind' or 'how will you know what to buy it'. first of all, i'm not going to change my mind and second of all i'm pretty sure that both boys and girls need the same things. one person even told me that they hated all gender-neutral clothing. okay, thanks. do you only dress your kids in sports jerseys or tutus? i told one person that we're just going to dress it in boy clothes for the first year. i don't think they realized i was kidding.

charlie's least favorite comment is 'you're pregnant?' which we got while looking at childcare. no lady, i'm not pregnant. i just thought it might be fun to tour some daycares after work. is that cool? and the one i get from everyone 'you're so small' or 'if i didn't know you were pregnant i'd just think you had a little bit of a gut'. awesome. charlie's always saying, 'how big to people expect you to be? you're not 7 months pregnant'.

i can only imagine the comments over the next few months. and i have to say that overall people have been really nice and supportive. it's actually amazed me how happy people are for us. as much as i enjoyed the first few weeks to ourselves it's been really nice sharing the news with everyone.


CT mom said...

Congratulations!! What great news:> I hope you are feeling well. Enjoy this precious time. (I found that you just have to laugh at some of the comments you will receive during parent hood and parenthood-to-be.)

Emily said...

I loved not knowing the sex and never felt compelled to change my mind! Thrilled for you and Charlie!

Mary said...

One of the first things my mother-in-law asked was whether it was planned. A lot of people asked that and I don't get it either.