Thursday, June 16, 2011

m.d. visit

so charlie and i took a trip back east to visit both of our families.
they live about 3 hours from each other so we had to divide the trip.
we drove out to the eastern shore to see charlie's family first and meet our nephew for the first time.

it was so nice to spend time with family, especially since we hadn't seen some of them in 2 years.

new nephew
this is our new nephew, liam. i look like crap in this picture but he looks cute so i figure he wins. in my defense the airline lost my luggage so i had to borrow clothes from my sister who is too small to fit into a double zero and had no makeup or even a brush.

we convinced everyone to go to the beach one of the days. this is a big deal for his mom who's not a beach fan. i think the fact that i hadn't seen the atlantic ocean for 3 years finally won her over. we packed a lunch and drove out to assateague island before the thunderstorms rolled in.

beach day!

we drove back (through traffic) on saturday. i definitely do not miss bay bridge traffic! my sister graduated high school on monday and before that we spent our time grilling out and eating a large amount of food.

on sunday we drove down to alexandria where i hadn't been in forever, walked around and took a boat ride on the potomac.

potomac river

if i had millions of dollars there's a chance i might move back east and live in alexandria. but only if i had a view of the water.

our future home

on monday my sister graduated at constitution hall.

happy graduation

i can't believe she's going to college. charlie and i sent her off prepared with lots of ping pong balls and playing cards.

it was so nice to see family. my only regret was that we didn't have time to see friends. my mom told me that since i was only there for 3 days she wasn't sharing me with anyone. i also start to miss maryland a tiny bit when we go back. but after a week i'm always happy to come home to colorado and the dogs.

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