Wednesday, June 1, 2011

memorial day weekend.

charlie and i spent the weekend in glenwood springs.
we left friday night and came back monday.
there's a ton of touristy things to do in glenwood, although the only one we did was the cave tour.
the rest of the time we spend walking and hiking.
our hotel backed to a trail that hiked up a mountain and a path that wandered along the colorado river. it was perfect.

i think both of us were a little disappointed we weren't going back to telluride this year, but the less than three hour trip was so much nicer than a 6+ hour car ride especially since we both worked full days on friday.

charlie had been wanting to go to the adventure park which is where the cave tours are.
so saturday, after a morning walk, we took the gondola up to the park. honestly, it's a great place if you have kids but if you don't, aside from the cave tours, there's not much to do.

cave walking.
first cave tour.

Glenwood caves.
and the second cave tour.

after the caves we left the park and took the dogs for a hike before dinner.

Charlie & Sopris
charlie, the dogs, and his favorite mountain, mt. sopris.

on sunday, the plan was to do a hike in no name and then head to aspen for lunch. we missed the exit for no name and the next place we could pull off was the exit for hanging lake, which we were planning on hiking monday. since we were there, and there were parking spaces we decided just to hike hanging lake. i think charlie was a little skeptical about this hike but after it was over he said it was one of his favorite views in colorado. i knew the view at the top would be beautiful but the views of the canyon were just as pretty.

hiking up.

hanging lake
hanging lake.

sprouting rock
and sprouting rock.

definitely worth the mile hike. although, if you go, leave early because it gets really crowded!
also, dogs aren't allowed so we had to leave ours in the car. luckily, it was a pretty windy day so they were fine but i ran into a few people after the hike who had dogs and were leaving once they found out they couldn't bring them.

after hanging lake we went to aspen for lunch.


i'd never been to aspen and was actually surprised at how cute it was. still sort of weird to see prada and gucci and burberry stores in a mountain town. we ate lunch outside with the dogs and then wandered around town before heading back to glenwood for another hike.


it was so nice to get away for the weekend and just spend some time together.
i'm thinking we might have to plan some weekends away for the fourth and labor day.

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