Sunday, June 19, 2011


i love weekends.
although, who doesn't? this weekend was our first one at home in a while. between md visits and triathlons and work conferences and trips to the mountains, our weekends have been pretty packed.
we had planned on going to horsetooth on saturday but decided not to since it was only in the 70s.

the weekend before we left for md charlie had his tri and sunday i had to leave for breckenridge for a conference. after the tri we went and bought a 'real' grill. before this we've been using a camping grill. it worked fine except for the fact that the wind kept blowing out the pilot which meant it took about an hour to grill out a hot dog.

we debated about which grill to get because we're pretty limited by size. our current balcony is pretty small and already has a table and chairs outside. we sit outside all the time in summer so i wasn't willing to move the table for a big huge grill.

'real' grill

here's what we ended up with and we decided to break it in this weekend. we made quesadillas on friday night and had friends over for pork, burgers, vegetables, and potatoes on saturday. it's nice to have space to cook and still have room to eat outside.

i also made pumpkin cake on friday night.

pumpkin cake

i know a lot of people save pumpkin for the fall but it's so easy to make and it's the only thing i had all the ingredients for.

sunday was pretty lazy. lots of laundry and cleaning and watching the rockies.

napping buddies

the dogs slept all day. i think they were tired from having company over the night before.

there's something about being away that makes me so happy to be home.

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