Tuesday, June 28, 2011


ok, so it's tuesday. but monday was so crazy i could write an entire novel about it alone. so i'm posting about the weekend today.

we had an amazing weekend. it was our first real summer weekend with no plans, no commitments, and all fun. instead of spending our time running errands, doing laundry, and cleaning the house we spent all our time outside.
i'll take a half-clean house and a big pile of laundry as long as i can have a good weekend.

saturday we went for a short hike, flatirons vista.
we had never done it, but i heard it had pretty views.
the views were pretty but i think other trails have much better ones and it was really more like walking than hiking. but still relaxing and pretty.

flatiron vista

see that pond in the corner? yeah, it was disgusting and filled with algae.
both dogs jumped in at the end of the hike despite us yelling not to. i think at that point they were too hot to listen. so since they were already wet we took them up to boulder reservoir to do a little swimming.

boulder res.

boulder res.

sticks are the only things that henry will retrieve. ever.
balls, frisbees, bumpers? forget it. but if you throw a stick he's all over it.

saturday night i made apple pie and charlie grilled our dinner.
and then we at outside.

apple pie

apparently henry begs. because his head is in all of these pictures.

sunday we took the dogs up to union reservoir for more swimming.
we packed a lunch, brought beach chairs, and hung out all afternoon.



we had two very tired dogs by the afternoon and then came home and made shish kabobs and cleaned the house.

i know it's only tuesday but i'm already counting down until friday.

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