Sunday, December 30, 2012


this year was the best.  seriously.  and i blame avery for it all.  i'm so, so thankful for our little family.   

in january i was on maternity leave and spent most of it cuddling a very tiny baby.  charlie's parents came to visit and meet their granddaughter for the first time.  we also started house hunting in colorado and then debated about moving back to d.c. for a bit before finally deciding on staying in colorado.

Morning smiles.

in february i went back to work, we celebrated a very mellow valentines day, and avery met her cousin for the first time.


Passed out.

in march we made an offer on our house and read a lot of books.

Nighttime reading.

april brought a lot of packing & work on getting ready to move.  my mom also came out for a week to spend some time with avery.



elf ears

in may we finally moved and my sister came out after she finished finals.



we had a visit from charlie's mom in june and spent a lot of time working on the house and taking avery to the pool.

trying to figure it all out.
we took avery on her first roadtrip to telluride in july and then came home to a visit from my parents & then had another visit from family at the end of the month.

My favorite baby and my favorite mountains.


we finally made it to the reservoir in august.

Swimming in the res

we did some hiking in september & alex and jeff came to visit for labor day weekend. 

in october we took a trip back to maryland to see lots of family and friends and celebrate a wonderful wedding.  we also celebrated avery's first halloween.



we celebrated thanksgiving in november.  

Every year I forget how I cooked it the year before.

and we finished the year with two family visits, two birthdays, and christmas in december.

The first December birthday celebration.

This kid loves her books and the dog loves the rug.

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

What a year!!! I loved reading all these posts and seeing your photos again. And mostly I'm just amazed that you fit so much into a year. And that Avery for so much growing into a year. Happy 2013.