Monday, December 17, 2012

Furniture rearranging.

this weekend we took another trip to ikea.  it's a love/hate relationship with that store.  i was looking for a few small things but nothing big, furniture-wise, like we usually are.  i was surprised charlie came along for the ride.  he hates ikea with a passion.  earlier this week our rug in our living room officially became too dirty and disgusting to a crawling baby crawl around on.  when we first got it, i loved having a white rug because it was neutral and light and contrasted well with our dark floors.  but i came to hate that rug because of the random stains that kept appearing on it, mostly courtesy of the dogs tracking dirt in the house.  i'll be honest, it also wasn't comfortable at all and we do a lot of sitting on the floor and playing with the baby.  in fact our furniture doesn't get much use until avery goes to bed.   when charlie was away last week i rolled it up and put it down in the basement.  and honestly, i enjoyed having just the hardwoods to play on.  yes they're hard but they're clean!  something i love.  but when charlie got home from his business trip last week he was all 'i definitely want a rug in this room'.  so when we went to ikea i agreed to look although i didn't want to spend much money on anything since i wasn't really sure exactly what i wanted in that space.  

family room when we first moved in.  we've actually moved all of that furniture elsewhere except for the couch and the chair.

the other thing i have to admit about our family room, is that it never felt cozy to me.  at first i thought it was the paint color.  so we painted.  then i thought it was the fact that we had nothing on the walls.  so we built picture ledges and hung a floating shelf over the tv.  and then i started to think it was the paint color again.  but yesterday i started to think it was because of the layout of the room.  we had some wasted space, which didn't leave a lot of room for playing on the floor.  and to remedy that we had decided not to put our coffee table in the room.  the problem with that was that there was no where to put food when we had guests or when we wanted to watch football and eat snacks.

family room after new floors, paint, curtains, and hanging things on walls.


anyway, i convinced charlie to quickly move some furniture around before the broncos game on sunday.  i think he thought it was going to be a waste of time but admitted after it was all over that he liked the room much better with the new set up.  

the ottoman is new and we both love it.  it's a nice place to prop your feet and we can always put a tray on top if we want to use it as a table for food.

those curtains have been hung up since july and i have yet to hem them.  maybe now that we can actually see them i'll be motivated to do something about it. 

i must admit that i didn't pick up for any of these pictures.  the grey rug in front of the new couch was $20 at ikea.  charlie really liked the rug and i liked that if i hated it in 3 months it wouldn't be a big deal.  although i have to admit that it's growing on me.  it's smaller than the original rug that we had in this room but it's the perfect size to sit down and build some block towers or read a few books.  

so all that just to say that after switching a few things around i've gone from hating this room to loving it.  and i even love the paint color again.  

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Kat said...

It looks so great! And Avery is THE CUTEST! I keep showing Dave how big she's getting and how gorgeous she is! :)